By Angeloff® is a brand of Innovative Product Concepts, combining Luxury Materials with an Unique Design.

By Angeloff® symbolizes Creativity in the spirit of Luxury and Chic Design.

The Aim of the brand is to differentiate itself on the market by bringing added value to its products through innovations in their functionality and design. Since the beginning we have focused on making best-in-class products by using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver a product that will be admired by all. This requires long hours of hard work, good knowledge of trends in terms of various products and their presentation.. 

Dedicated to its core principle to provide the best value and top-quality design The artistic label By Angeloff® has created an Innivative Concept: a Magnificient 24K Gold-plated Jewel in a very Elegant Style with inlaid Swarovski® Crystals, specially designed for an Eternal Rose. The tenderness of the Eternal Rose is embraced by astonishing Swarovski Crystal. It is the perfect piece to add a touch of magic to any room making sensual and love atmosphere. 

The Jewel is as an Unique Gift to a Precious Person for any accasions. Each piece is a genuine artwork with inspiration and a soul, exuding its own special personality, while very often holding a very special symbolism too.

By Angeloff® is for Anyone looking to own Unforgettable Products.